WINNER of the Touch of Power Contest

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
Hopefully, everyone is having an eventful and pleasant holiday. I have been very blessed to spend the last few days with my amazing in-laws in Northern California. Surprisingly, there is no snow this Christmas. The upside is not having to bundle up in five layers to take the trash out.
Alright, I will get to the good part! The winner of the contest is:
DeAnn from Butterfly Books
Make sure you check out and follow her blog! It seems to be a pleasant mix of reviews, opinions, and other such tidbits. One post was a wishlist of books and Touch of Power was number one. Glad to help Santa out on that one. ;]
Congrats, DeAnn!
Since I am still on vacation until Tuesday, I will not be posting my review of Maria’s novel until then (along with many others throughout the week). I am so excited for the next two weeks that entail me working only one job. That means, book review catch up! I have about five or so to post and lots more reading to do!
Until then, Happy Holidays to everyone and no matter what you celebrate, enjoy family and friends. That is the most important part!
Your Book Heroine

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