Armchair BEA- Getting to know The Book Heroine

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Welcome to my blog, everyone! This is the Armchair BEA, a blogging event for those of us unable to attend the official Book Expo America. All week there will be daily events, contests and blogger networking.
My name is Keri and I have been blogging for over a year and book reviewing since January. I love this world of readers, authors and publishers! I began my journey with my own kids book review website ( and then found The Story Siren who gave me so much information and guidance into beginning my own blog. Since then I have become a part of Goodreads, Netgalley, book blogger and have made many connections with authors.
A little info about me:
-I am 29 years old
-I am very happily married
-I have two rabbits
-I love books, art and gardening
-I love being challenged with a new recipe
-My dream is to live in another country
-I would love to sponsor children through Compassion International and then go visit them!
-I want to go with the Toms shoe crew to be a part of a shoe drop
-Lastly, I have a HUGE passion in changing the lunches in our country’s schools.

Can’t wait to meet more of you!!!

The Book Heroine


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